Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's New with Q??

I know, I know he isn't quite two yet, but he is really interested! Ever heard of the saying: the (put in a birth order number here) trains themselves to------------?(ride a bike, wean from a bottle, do gymnastics in my case,  read, etc.) Well, I can say the fourth has begun to train himself to use the potty! I brought out the honorary lime green potty a bit before Christmas and spoke briefly to baby Q about what it was for! It was then mostly a fixture in the house. I put it in hallways/bathroom/living room and family room. I moved it to and  from where ever we were for the  day(annoying I know). I still do that because I want it to be a visual reminder and to be available if he did in fact decide to use it!! We even began to bring it with us on our longer trips away from the house. We brought it on our Christmas break to see our families for the hoildays and he used it there too!  He recently began telling us he needed to go "I- need a-go- pee!!!".He can go on any potty but prefers the Lil lime one! He is much drier throughout the day in thew pull-up and lately even over night! He has been wearing the pull-ups with the cool alert pad (Huggies) and he will say "cold" when he does potty in them. So, today I tried his new underwear ( he picked them out, Yo gabba gabba and Super Why)..... We only went through 6! I think that is a great start!! He doesn't always tell me , but if he looks at me with the "face" a real serious face, then that is my clue to take him. I know he needs to go and he waits until I get him to the potty to do so!!!! I am so excited for him! I haven't had to use candy or stickers because his favorite part is to flush!! He can go on command once placed on the potty and has even done a #2 once. My lil preemie may be the youngest of all four to be day potty trained! Maybe even before he is two!!! AMAZING!!! He has always been above the curve(just stating the facts) ...except in height!! He likes to pretend that his baby "boy" doll goes potty too! The "big" kids including Tank (who thinks he is a big kids now) are all into this and cheer him on! It is adorable to see! Wish me luck folks!!!  


 Complete look with his choice of and undies and nothin' else!
 Usual day at the Crazy 4's  home! Just the "fever" coming over Q now! 
Look at my yoga pose with my new undies!!!
Kissing "boy" for a job well-done!

                                                         Ace is the biggest cheerleader for Q!! (and "boy")
                    Just two brothers having a converstation about his new underwear and if Tank could barrow them in exchange for Q's passage through the  hall! Q offered a ball instead! OH, IT HAS JUST BEGUN!!