Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Road....and our tradition

Last night we went to see the "Holiday Road Light show" again. We have gone 3 years now and we love to see the awesome display that this neighborhood puts on. This year we chose to walk though it instead of driving (and that line was 2 hours long).

Check out the video, HERE

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Lately, I feel like someone always is on the "NAUGHTY STEP". Hitting, throwing, yelling, lying, crying,sneaking, fighting, rough-housing, name it! I feel like a full time referee. I can not take too much more of this. It is exhausting...for all involved!! LOL!! I try to follow "super nanny's"naughty step rules. My current discipline regime for almost any "crime" I enforce:
1. Give a warning.
2. If they persist (mine always persist) take them to the step..or direct them.(this always involves the dreaded screeching, tantrum throwing, and running and chasing)
3. Explain why you put them there(mine plug their ears, but I know they hear me)
4. Leave them for one minute per age.( I  start over if they get up or yell from the step)
5. When time is up, go back ask for an apology to the person involved and get/give a hug and kiss.
(My little two are stubborn and 1/ 2 the time refuse to apologize and therefore they stay until they submit to an apology)

Well, as you can see it is quite involved and very tiresome but claims to teach consequences in a quick and fair manner. I do this maybe 15-20 times a day. Mostly with my little two, but lately it is all 4!!!! Today alone I gave 17. Two in the last 7 minutes..........grrrrr......

I need a time out to regroup and calm down..........................maybe a little Diet Coke, a cake pop and some nail polish will do the trick! If not this is gonna be a LONNNNGGGGG Christmas break for all!