Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doing some Mommy Shopping!

Mommy dating,

I'm always on the lookout for mom friends -- well,compatible-with-me mom friends. Aside from
 a couple real friends in town that I have had since college days, I've got my few great Mom friends that I have met through preschool, swim team or from another of my kids activities.HOWEVER,
 I need more! I want some adoptive friends, friends with more than 2 kids. Maybe a mom of all 
boys, even a Mom of a preemie. So, sometimes I approach a random Mom at the park. I recognize/chat with her at never see her again.  I wouldn't mind having 1 or 2 more SAHM's to hang with (specifically during the day) and actually talk about stuff other than kids with, or to just talk about my kids with. Maybe one I could go to all the girlie movies with. One I could go get a pedicure with on a week night.I had a good support system there for a while, but then one of my good pals (MJ) moved away and another went back to work full time, another one has an older kid in a different school
so or schedules are off-- so friendship time has been feeling especially sparse. I am a "need some girl time" kinda time in my life. I know that that might be asking alot...

The other day, I spotted a (I thought) hip my type of mom at the park. She looked my age. She
 had 3 kids under 6.So far this was going well. Then we chatted a little bit and she was funny and
 had a cute little southern accent and I loved her. We talked about the weather, the time out she 
was trying to imply. She talked about her boyfriend(no, I didn't think that was odd). Her
wardrobe was so cute and put together. She was sipping a latte and I was really going to like her. I was happy to be getting to know her.

Just as I was getting ready to begin the dance,   ("So,You...from around here?" "
 to?")  it changed. Another mother asked,  her how old the youngest was.

"Um...well....Oh, he's  around... well ..almost 15 months. I am not sure his exact birthday...... 
(oh, maybe she is also an adoptive mother ..I began to quickly make assumptions... and I was getting a bit excited) she went on...... I'm their nanny and..."


Who knows what all she said after that point, it all turned to Latin to me! She's just the nanny! Ha!  I'm quite sure making mom friends at the park isn't high on her to-do list. She goes home to her own bed at night(with her dreamy boyfriend) and hangs with her non-mom friends, goes to clubs and sleeps soundly and doesn't eat leftover hot dogs and old macaroni and cheese for dinner. Sigh. Bye bye, new friend to confide in! My fantasies of running hand in hand thru aisles of kid clothes at Baby Gap, sipping lattes and braiding our kids hair, were shattered.(Hahahaha).  I need a life.....

Any one else Mom shopping too, or is it just me??