Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick Breakfast take 2....

I decided to post one more breakfast item we have on hand at a moments notice! We call them breakfast buns. They are delicious and fairly nutritious! They are made of refrigerated biscuits, eggs, cheese, hash browns and bacon! I made a new batch that makes a ton!!! Here is a step by step to these great breakfast treats!!
 12 eggs, Scrambled and cooked
 Hash browns- cooked
 One container or bacon
 One case plus two additional cans for Biscuits-flattened and stretched

One pack of favorite cheese
 Layering time! Cheese then hash browns then eggs then bacon.
 Keep repeating until you have made as many as you can handle!!! We made 6 tubes of biscuits!!

YUMMMMMM!!!!! Ready from the freezer in less than 35 seconds!!! I serve one for kids and two per adult!! Also, adapt to make pizza buns, chicken buns, french dip buns etc!