Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day in the Life..........

 Recently, I have been asked by many as to what my days look like with four little kids! I laugh and say " I am in survival mode". Actually, I  don't know what it is like to just have one and then have another child, I started out with one and two days later we received another. Less than a year later we had a 3rd and 21 months later a fourth. So, this is my norm!! You do what you need to to remain sane and ahead of them!!Well, I said I would break it down for them, so here it is!

6:45 am- Z's alarm goes off and he gets ready for work.
7:00 am- I get up and help Ace and Boomer get dressed and make their beds, and brush their teeth!
              (this is done SUPER quietly as to not wake up Q and Tank)
7:10 am- Go down stairs to feed them breakfast and make their school lunches.
7:20 am- Clean up breakfast and re-touch Boomer's hair and make sure all homework and lunches are ready to go in the backpacks.
7:25 Hurry Boomer up and hear Q getting up.
7:30 Z drives Boomer and Ace to school on the way to work.
7:30 Feed Q and diaper change
7:40 TV Time for Q/make myself breakfast
8:00 Tank usually gets up and we make my, Q and Tanks beds! Brush teeth!
8:10 My shower(Q potty training) and breakfast for Tanky!
8:50 Leave to take Tank to Preschool (Tues/Thur)
9:00 am Drop off to Preschool
9:15-11:20 Time with Q (run errands,grocery, laundry,vacuum,games and snack)Potty train
11:30 Pick Up Tank
11:45 Lunch-potty train
12:30-1:30 Quiet time ( I blog, catch up on DVR shows, read on my Nook and they "rest" on the couch with a movie)
1:30-3:00 Chasing after,entertaining,playing, referee,take the dog on a walk with a double stroller ....NOW THAT IT IS SPRING AGAIN...and potty training craziness and sometimes a playdate as well.
3:00 Drive to pick up Ace and Boomer and have quiet time again as Q ALWAYS falls asleep on the way and Tank "reads" or watches a DVD.


3:20 Pick up Ace and Boomer and referee the three of them (Q sleeps through the whole thing everyday)
3:45 pm Home and begin Homework and dinner prep(unless it is Thurs which is Gymnastics)
4-4:45 CRAZINESS (so I usually send them to the playroom to give me a break but that never pans out....
 I have little visitors every few minutes to tattle, show me something, whine and giggle and model drawings,dress-up, show me lots of boo-boos that are mostly invisible!)
5:15 Dinner Started
5:30-5:45 Z Home and wrestling occurs with Daddy
6 Dinner (ahhh Quiet!! :)  )
6:30 Clean Up dinner (go to Swim lessons on Wednesdays with Boomer and Tank)
7:00 Family Time, (usually games or wrestling with Daddy, or TV)
7:15 Showers and Baths
8-8:15 Bed times!!
8:15-8:30 "Clean Sweep" where I clean the random left over toys and such an re-organized what they messed up :)
8:30 10:30 Z and me time!!!! Sometimes together , sometimes not(depends on what each wants to watch)
10:30-11 Bed for us
2:30 or 3 am , a nightly visitor sometimes (Guess who?? Baby Q)
 AND then it begins again!

Fridays have been sleepover or playdates and PIZZA night!!

Wow, looking at it like this I am tired!! So there ya go, those that needed to know!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Carpet!

Oh, I could not be any happier that I finally got new carpet in most of my house!!! I had to take before and after pictures just to document this Christmas morning like feeling!!
                                                                       BEFORE (LIVING ROOM) minus furniture!
Old Carpet
Old stairs!

AFTER!!! :)

New stairs
New Hallway!
New Living Room! (Gunner LOVES it!!)
Another angle of living room

New Stairs

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bommer's first sleepover Birthday Party

A few weeks ago, Boomer was invited to her first sleepover birthday party. She has had one sleepover here and one at her friend M's house last year (before they moved last June) but she has never had a sleepover birthday party...till now!! She was SOOOOOOO excited!  We had a photo opportunity in the driveway on the way there....
     This face tells it all!! I know she will have MANY more in the years to come...I love having a daughter!!

Baby Q 's new bed!!!!

Well, it was time to graduate Q to a "big boy" bed now that he is 2!! So, today we all went out to the store and let Q pick out his own toddler bed!! He didn't want the plain white one or that cherry wood one that Mommy wanted. Tank and Ace tried to convince him to get the Cars one ("Lighting McQueen") bed while Boomer thought that he'd like to Disney princess one since he shares a room with her! Ultimately, Q picked out the "BUZZ" one (aka Toy Story 3). After we took apart his bed and assembled the new one he wanted to "do bath-n-ninight". He tried it out and decided that he needed to use it immediately. So even though it was only like 4:15 in the afternoon, I did give him a bath and put jammies on him. He ran into his room climbed into his new bed pulled up the covers and insisted that I turn off the light and turn his sound soother on!! I did and left his room closing the door behind me. I thought that after 10 minutes he would reconsider and toddle his way back down but after an hour I went in to check on him and this is what I found.....