Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meet the Football Team and Competition for 1st-8th graders!

Today was the annual "Meet the Scots" at the local football field. The kids have been waiting to participate in this even since they were at football camp. Ace and Tank got to get a shirt and have the team all sign it! Then they broke the kids into 1/2nd grade, 3/4th grade,5/6 grade and finally 7/8th grade. they had a 40 yd dash, punting and throwing competitions. Ace did well and finished top 3 for 6th grade in the 40 yr dash but some 5th graders beat him overall therefore canceling his win. Tank on the other hand received 3rd overall for both 1st and 2nd graders in the punting event. He was given a medal! He is geeked!! Then he got to run through the tunnel made by the team! In the mean time, Boomer got to hang out with the cheerleaders the entire morning and was able to be the topper of the pyramid several times. She got to get cheered on by the crowd as she chatted for the game afterwards! Little man got a tattoo and face paint! All 4 had a great time with our new home team!!!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tank and my Weekend with cousin T!

Tank had yet to have a turn to go to Gannie and Papa's this summer. So, he and I spent time with Aunt J and Uncle K and little T! We had a great weekend!!!

Home Days

Summer is winding down and the two little's were home and so we made some Minion cupcakes..

Then we went to a park and took our dog Gunner!