Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dress For Success Day 2011

Today was Ace and Boomer's Dress for Success day at their school! They were so excited to dress up and participate in all the day's activities!! With them all dressed up, I saw my little kids transform to "big"kids. I can't believe that this year is almost over. Ace is going to be in Advanced 4th grade and Boomer in advanced 1st! This was a great move for Ace this year and the growth in both are AMAZING!! Ace won student of the month and a math award this year. Boomer is currently in the running for the coveted Principals award!! Time is flying by and I wish time could just freeze for a bit and I could enjoy them a bit more!

Last Day.....

Yesterday was Tank's last day of Honeybees (3 yr old preschool). He was so happy but at the same time he was a little sad! He wants to be dinosaur next fall (4 yr old) but wants to keep his friends and his teachers. For me it was really sad, secretly I want to keep him here forever!! He is perfect at this age...feisty and strong-willed, passionate and  expressive. He is excited about most things, especially honeybee days! He LOVES school now and has made two great friends. He has become super smart and independent as well. He can spell and write his name now. He can climb, skip and hop on one foot. He is really good with scissors and glue. He can zip his coat and is almost proficient in tying his shoes. He knows all his shapes and colors too! He can identify all his letters and numbers to 10. He can count to 20 as well. But, I think that the most important thing he learned was how to be a friend! He will miss Honeybees.....but not as much as Mommy will!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


 This past weekend we traveled to Ohio to attend Z's childhood best friend, Mitch (and Diane) get married! It was a great weekend and we had a blast visiting family and old friends! Best part was we had great babysitters watching the kids (great uncle and great Aunt and 2 great older cousins) who entertained all four so we could enjoy ourselves!
Z and his best friends, Mitch and Brandon!
Diane, Mitch, Z and Brandon

                                           J.W. ,Brandon and Z
                                                                           Who took this??? After the reception!
The 6 hour drive home did him in!! And Ace and Boomer too! All asleep....
Not Tank, he was being silly and watching movies!