Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How can it be?

How can it be that my baby girl turned 6 today?? Time has really flown by! She has brought me such joy and some much needed girlie time! She is the little firework here covered in hot pink most day in the sea of boys and boy things! She is everything to us and a wonderful big and little sister! Happy Happy Birthday MY SASSY LITTLE GIRL!!
 So much has changed this year... and so many "firsts" to document!!
You are a silly little thing and make us laugh daily!

You took your first swim lessons! You are such a fish! 
At 2! Such a doll! (no more sippys!!)

 Learned to ride a two wheeler!!
 You started gymnastics! And are GREAT at it!!
  You overcame your fear of heights!!
 At 18 months you were starting to show off your own style and attitude!!
 You would loose those two perfect bottom baby teeth!! (miss them already)
 You love to entertain!!!
You have turned into such a beauty queen!
How can it be that there are 6 candles on that cake?? I need time to stop... ;)
 You've made the sweetest friends over the last few years (and some that daddy and mommy did not make for you either!!) You have picked really sweet friends and you sincerly love them ALL!!

 Ready to see where 6 will take ya!!
  Love to dress up and be ultra girlie!! (thank goodness you love hair accessories as we have a MILLION now)

 Thank goodness that there are only 1 of you as twins might have been too much BOOMER for me :) love ya though!!!

Stay as sweet as you are and.....

Keep us on our toes!! Happy 6th birthday to my baby girl!!! :)