Friday, February 11, 2011


I figured that I should update on all the happenings of my fab 4, before I get distracted by something (or someone). I will start out with my oldest....

Our oldest..... Ace!
 Ace has been working really hard and finishing up his season on the swim team!  Ace finished up his last practice on wed and now will wait for the final meet! He has the "A" championship meet this Saturday! He did SO great this season and qualified in 4 events! We are so proud of this guy! I admit that swimming swallows up nights and weekends from our crazy life, 6 months out of every year, but he enjoys it and we know he thrives on the success and has gained lots of self-confidence there as well!(plus, Mommy has some great friends there too now and really loves the adult time with the girls).  He is doing really well at school, having all A's and is a great friend we hear! The move of schools turned out to be a great thing for us and especially for him as 3rd grade is going very well!! He has been doing gymnastics for 3 weeks and is about to move up to the next level!He can do a cartwheel, round off, handstand, vault, a nice ring routine, a pullover and back hip circle. He also rocks at trampoline also.  He LOVES going to practice and LOVES to practice at home as well! He now is getting into reading more chapter books! He has now finished the #5 book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series! It is so cute to watch him light up as he reads to himself! He is now started the Captain Underpants series and is into book #2. Wow, has he come along way!(Soccer for him starts in the early spring)
                                                     This is his back hip circle on our basement bar!
                                       Pull over into a front support...pausing to pose!
                                                        New grips too!

My first baby, only daughter...BOOMER,
 Oh my little boomer has lots to update on as well! She can now read all by herself! She has begun to work on 1st grade sight words as she has tested off the Kindergarten lists now. (my little over achiever). She also goes to gymnastics but is in her 3rd month of practices. She can now do a correct straddle cartwheel, a flip into the foam pit, a hand stand, she is super close to getting her pullover on the bars and just loves her coach (MR.Kevin). She especially loves the leotards and has quite the spread of them now......... She and I are planning a mommy and me trip to see Disney's Princesses on Ice (in March) and she is counting down the days on her own!! She has decided that she now has a boyfriend, Justin Bieber! (ha ha, so it begins...). She is such a girlie girl and I LOVE that since I only get one! She is wonderful at school and gets all O's (outstanding) on her behavior reports each Friday! She enjoys watching the movie Enchanted and wants to be a real life princess one day! We are signing her up for soccer tonight for the fall and she is SO excited for it! 
                           Had to leave her name out, but what a good girl, right??
ok, 5 leo's ! The purple one is a swim suit!!

                              Almost getting her pull-over!! So close!!
                                                   "Stick it!"
My First Born, wild man, "Tank":
  He can now write his name!! He can zipper his coat and buckle himself in the car seat on his own! He loves to do "hiya" aka wrestle with Daddy each night!. he now goes to bed on his own in his own bed and STAYS there all night! This is a feat since he has never never never been a sleeper! He now eats dinner when we are at the table ( and has what we are having,  doesn't complain...ok usually doesn't complain) . He has gotten to be such a good boy and is great with Boomer recently! He LOVES preschool and wants it to be everyday(so do I). His teachers say he is doing VERY well for his age. He also goes to gymnastics and is a super star there! (have to say it). Tank has ALWAYS been fearless and this is right up his alley! He loves all the coaches and love to '"show-off" to them. He can do a great cartwheel, handstand, flip(into foam pit), a pullover and front hip circle on the bars. His coaches have been discussing that he needs to be moved up to a higher level (even possibly the 6-10 year old group Acey is in..) Tanky is really into it practices and loves to do so at home as well! He has two really good friends at preschool (J and C) and has had a few play dates (one for Mommy too, which I loved). He has gone on a few field trips and thinks he is one of the big kids now! I love his boy! He loves to laugh and make us laugh!!
                                               Front support (with soccer cleates on!)
                                                    Successful pull-over!!
                                              The comedian!
Lil Man, Q:
Q is going to be 2 on Tuesday and I can't believe that he is now a toddler! He has successfully been off his Binky (AKA DD) for some time now and is such a sweet baby! He is really talking now and saying the funniest things. He is a ham! he can now open all doors on his own and loves, loves TV. He enjoys Calliou, Fireman Sam (yuck) and Super Why. However, he LOVES Ratatouille the movie. He can sit and watch the whole thing in one sitting! So cute! Q can get his shirt off by himself now and can put on his own shoes and boots. (usually on the correct feet too!!) He loves to answer the phone and has two sayings he repeats into the mouth piece A: "hello papa"... and B:"it's nobody" . Never usually is it Papa or nobody, but he must repeat it anyways as a ritual! He enjoys corn and peas together in a bowl and wants a side of grapes. He insists on a cracker in each hand as well!!. He is obsessed with string cheese and wants to make the strips himself.........
(a mess). Baby Q LOVES orange juice and will ask for it like 95 times a day :)! He is beginning to have interest in gymnastics too! He really enjoys open gym time( and our bar at home too!)! He doesn't show any signs of preemie anymore. Lil' Q is still potty training and doing really well in that area! He is growing so fast and is such a mamma's boy.He loves to laugh like Tanky and will try to steal Tanks thunder!  My favorite thing to date is that he (as of last night) now says "I love you too!!!".
                       DVR is currently Q's best friend as he repeats "go again,   mommy after his favorite parts!
       Watching Calliou anf havin his crackers, string cheese and OJ for snack time!
                                                    Approaching the bar!
All by himself!

Well, that's it. Except, Z and I are doing on a date since the first week in December this Saturday night!!! Valentines day marks a 10 year anniversary for us dating!! Oh how far we have come since 2001!!