Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tigers, Lions, Sno-Cones and Bears..OH MY!!

All six of us went to Z's work party. This is a annual family party aimed towards the employee's children. The kids love this tradition. This year it was at the local zoo! They had a ball! They each had atleast two sno-cones and lots of hot dogs! They look forward to this party each year! This one did not let them down!

This is such a great day each year~ so glad Z has such a family friendly workplace!! Can't wait for next year!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Last weekend while camping in Lake Erie we went on the African Safari.The kids have always wanted to go and we hadn't So as a surprise, we took them! It has a drive thru "zoo" where the animals come right up to your cars and get carrots and feed. It was a bit too up close and personal for me!

Alittle too close Q!!

So glad that we went and created another fun memory for the kids!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To sink...or not to sink?

The other day the little boys asked to play in the sink. I said "no".  They asked again today..... I usually say no because it is usually such a mess. Water everywhere, clothes soaked and floors slippery. Lots and lots of messes to take care of. Today I faced it. What reason could I give today? I simply ran out of excuses. I caved.  So with two sinks filled with water and little dish soap, cups,spoons and cars, A afternoon of fun was had!

Um, wait what happened to a little sink play, Tank?

 "I decided I needed a foot bath too!"
 Nothing like a little "foot soup"!!
 And so Q needed one too, of course!
This is where I stopped taking pictures and began to try to control the flood that was beginning to take place! Q on the water flinging ATTACK...Tank not appreciating it very much!