Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting the house back part 4

We have done some landscaping with the help of my father-in law and mother-in law as well as Z and my crazies. We have a very sandy yard and it does not easily grow grass. We needed to add some mulch and some pavers.

Monday Night Recipe

          I have tried to change up our dinners around here lately and today's dinner was another success! I made Mini Hamburger Pies. They turned out wonderful and  Tank approved as well!! (He is our toughest food critic and pickiest eater). four ingredients and an oven make a great entree!
 Pie Crust, Fresh Taste Kraft Cheese and bread crumbs mix, hamburger(or turkey, I used Sirloin), and egg wash!
 Mix the meat and the Kraft mix.
 Make small hamburgers and lay on the pie crust.
 Lay the other crust from the box on top and lightly press to make an outline.
I  used biscuit cutter to form the pies.
 Next, crimp and make breathing holes.
 Paint a egg wash over the pies and bake at 350  for 30 minutes.

SOOOO good!!!