Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boomer's a Kindergarten Graduate!!

My only baby girl is a "big" kid now!!! She graduated Kindergarten last night! She had a really cute program that included a few songs and each child got to tell what they wanted to be when they grow up!

Boomer telling the audience that she'd like to be a "teacher like my Mommy"....cue the crying! I had held myself together until that moment! Her little voice and her words struck me. I know I say this all the time, but where did my precious little baby girl go. I still see her as my little 2 year old. She is so smart and talented now. She has been promoted to advanced 1st grade (like a 1st/2nd split) AND she is still 5!! Oh my Boomer, you are our shining star!Can't wait to see where you will take us!!
A few of Boomer's close friends, left-Harmony,Up- MacKenzie,Gabby, Boomer and Leila
Her three brothers are so happy for her!! Way to go Boomie!
These two fight like cats and dogs, but deep down they love each other madly! Tank was genuinely  so happy for her! (LOVE this picture)
This year Boomer had two teachers, this is Mrs. B! She did a great job with Boomer!
Mrs. K was her favorite teacher! She is also adopted and they had a great bond!! She will miss Mrs. K a lot!
 This was the slide show after the songs, boomer was featured often, a bit of a camera hog....cute none the less! She is ready for 1st grade, like it or not, she is growing up!!!!We are so proud of you Boomer!!!