Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ready for Spring anyone??

Since the big kids were still at school the little's were getting cabin fever to go outside. We bundled up and hit the driveway!

 Tank could not decide between riding his bike and playing basketball...oh the decisions a 4 yr old must make!!! LOL!

 For those wondering what he chose.....he chose BOTH! Amazing skills!!!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lunch for school...

My big kids have taught me about a new craze within their school called the "bento box". This is a box that is used for lunch that is based on the way the Japanese kids eat lunch in Japan. It basically means a compartmentalized lunch with small servings and varied items to make lunches more interesting.Wanna see? It takes time and creativity to make and requires cookie cutters and lots of veggies to make it colorful!

Don't know what a bento is yet? Here is a site that has recipes and ideas.Check it out here!

Want to start a trend at your kiddos school and fill them up with nutritious fun to eat food?? Here is where we got these new Bento's!! have fun with lunch and send some love to school!!!!