Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch field trip!

Last week Tank's preschool class went to the pumpkin patch. This was a great place! Hayrides, pumpkin picking, and lots of playtime in the greenhouse/playland. The big kids were at school that is why there are none of them in here!

                                        Tank and J being goofy on the Hayride!
                                        Q and A loving eachother! We carpooled with them!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow...almost Friday?

Where does the week go?? Actually, I know where it goes...the gym, homework, church class and memorization of prayers(Ace), spelling words X 2, swim lessons, gymnastics, potty training and LAUNDRY.Oh and LAUNDRY and more laundry..and cleaning, lunch packing and this, of course!!
The only picture I have this week is one of Ace and his recess injury! He ran straight into a pole on the playground while playing tag...doesn't it look like he had an allergic reaction to something he ate?  no bruise or blood, just a fat lip!!Oh this boy and his crazy wild energy!!He wasn't even phased......he said it didn't hurt!
                                                 Day 1
                                                        4 days later.....boys!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Please Pray....

Ever since the summer began, we have had special reason to pray. My mother-in-law, Rose is a nanny for a a family in Dennison, Ohio, where they live. She started this job  watching a 5 year old boy, Maddux and is 4 year old sister Makyah. Days later, the boy was diagnosed with cancer. It was heart-breaking. He is such a great little boy, always happy and full of life. Our family and kids began to become affected by his fight and determination. It was a teachable moment in our kids lives to be friends with him and learn what was wrong. My mother-in-law took a few of our kids from time to time throughout the summer and brought them over to her job frequently. Maddux was everyone's favorite. He is such a quiet and well mannered kid. He has wisdom well beyond his years. He loves Michigan football and so we relate really well in the sea of Ohio State fans in his family and area.We got him a Michigan hat and a football to help with the days he can't go out or the days he has treatment. He is adorable on top of it all!!!
He is an inspiration to us and had been so brave throughout his process. Maddux is a year older than Tank and a year younger than Boomer. I can not imagine what  we would do if  we were put in that situation with any of mine. We are in awe of his parents and their calm manner!!
We got to spend some time with him one afternoon while we were visiting Z's family.We took him(and his sister) to the mall along with my gang (Boomer and she are great friends as is Tank) to play and to get something at a toy  store along with my god-daughter, Sierra. His family sent money for their kids and ours as well. After pleading to not take their money we eventually were demanded to. My kids did not need anything, it was about Maddux  however, his parents thanked us. We were so taken back by their giving ways when they have so much to do for Maddux. They are such a great family, we are honored to know them, so giving and appreciative. While at the mall, we helped collect donation money that was previously donated at various stores. What a honor it was to be with him at only 5 yrs old and watch him thank strangers for caring enough to donate. Just today, there was an article in his local paper all about him and his involvement with his local football team.,
Check itout this story!!

My kids really love him and pray every night for him. Boomer wrote that letter to him at school in September. He has touched us greatly!They have done chores around the house and received money for their work. Tank was the first to ask if he could send his money to Maddux and buy a cancer orange bracelet to help with the "bill".. It touched my heart and made me proud! Please help pray for this sweet little boy and his family. He could use all of you right now to help. If anyone would like to purchase a "Madd about Maddux" bracelet for a $1.oo per bracelet, please comment and I can let you know how to get one!!