Friday, January 6, 2012

Big News Over here!!

I am happy to announce that Q is FULLY potty trained. For about three weeks, he has not had an accident over night. He has been dry  each morning that whole time. So last night I bit the bullet and did not put a pull up on him. I knew it would be fine, but Z was not too sure and put towels under him in the bed. LOL! I should have done it earlier. has been since May of 2006 that we have been a continuous diapering factory!! Boomer came out of them just as Tank was born and Tank came out of them soon after Q was born and now we have no one else to diaper!!! He likes to have moral support in the potty but can go and do both on his own now!!! I can't believe that next month he will be three.....where is my lil preemie?? I sure love this kid!!

Today was also his first day in Gymnastics. He has waited almost a year to join in like the big kids and he was SOOOOO excited yesterday to do "nastics". He is in the 3's class and it is adorable!!! Boomer had his teacher and so did Tank. Best part.......all 4 are at the same time and so I just get to relax and enjoy my tumbling trio plus ONE!! Yeah for Q!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in Review

Wow, this year flew much has changed and boy have the kids all grown. Here is a recap of my crazy four.
Ace (9)
Tank(4) and
Q( 2)

Ace turned 9 in 2011 and began 4th grade. He won a math medallion and. He won the award for "most points" in his 8 and Under summer swim team. Ace began gymnastics and has moved from level a to level b! Yeah!! He had his first "party" sleepover for his birthday party!!

Boomer turned 6 in 2011  and began 1st grade! She got the 1st teachers award of the year for student of the month.Boomer lost her first and second bottom teeth as well!! She learned to ride a two wheeler in June and  joined the same swim team Ace is on this season. Boomer moved up to Level a gymnastics and then recently she moved up to level b as well!!! Way to go Boomer!!

Tank turned 4 in 2011 and began preschool (dinosaurs). He also learned to ride a two wheeler 3 days before his sister did!! He also learned all his letters and can now write his name perfectly!! Tank learned to tie his shoe in one day. He also learned to  swim without a floaty and moved up in swimming lessons to Advanced preschool level 3. Tank also joined Gymnastics  and has made a huge impact on his coaches there as well!!

The tie his shoe video
Finally Q! Not such a baby anymore turned 2 in 2011. He graduated from Binkys("DD's) and moved into a big kid bed. Q also learned to sing his ABC's and can tell you his and Tank's birthdays. He also is POTTY TRAINED and as of Christmas EVE officially over night potty trained as well!! This year Q began to jump into the water and loves it !!!!!

That is that!! A new Year and I know lots will be achieved this year as well!!!