Monday, November 19, 2012

Just hanging around

Making a hot breakfast QUICK!!

Each morning is a rigorous routine of waking kids, making beds, packing lunches, reading over homework (times 4) and getting breakfast on the table and load them in the car with coats, boots and gloves before 7:40 am. I began to feel bad feeding them cold sugary cereal everyday. I felt like my lunch packing was nutritious and filling. My dinners are warm and mostly healthy. Breakfasts are well not. They would love to have lots of syrup and whip cream with a side waffles. But everyday is not a holiday. So, recently I searched pinterest for quick warm filling and nutritious breakfasts I could do in under a minute for each child. I found freezer breakfast burritos. I made several varieties that I had my kids try. The winners are these two (sausage and cheese and bacon and cheese). I thought I would share how I make these delicious and filling breakfasts with a serving of veggies! That my kids goggle right up!!