Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Miracle!!

                  Ok...maybe not a real miracle, not in the religious sense anyway, but a miracle for this mom of four! Just one day after posting the sibling rivalry story I have to report that I have seen a miracle in person! What is that miracle you are asking...ok .......I will just get to it! Boomer and Tank were actually playing while Ace is home and were being loving towards each other! I know, I know amazing right? Well I think so! Proof? I have a few shots to document this.....

I caught them reading together in the playroom!!!!

                    They were playing "Mom and Dad" (why Boomer is in a ballgown)
                                      Even taking turns, (oh be still my heart!!!)
                                            Is he really that close??
                                                     Best Friends (for the minute!!!)
                                    Later......what's this? She can "touch" him now???

Ok, well it didn't last too long...found that he locked her in the dog cage later!!!
But there was proof folks! AMAZING things can happen when you least expect it!!! (she still is smiling however)

Maybe a plot against me..who knows with these two!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sibling Rivalry!

           Oh boy, this post is overdue! The rivalry in this house almost has it's own room! The fighting, tattling, crying and screaming at each other seems to be at an all time high!
            Let me start off by saying that I know it is normal, part of growing up, a milestone, good for problem thinking skills, perfect for socialization.....but it is DRIVING ME CRRAAAZZZYYY! They just go at each other relentlessly! Mostly Boomer and Tank! They have always had a love hate relationship! Tank can't stand it if she's on one of our laps, he demands her to get off. Which we don't do and it drives him into a flurry of outbursts towards her! (she gets a kick out of him while he is ranting...)She  can't stand that Ace and Tank love to play alone with their Star Wars action figures so she begins to cry. Anyone within in a block of us can probably hear her!!! (that makes the boys happy)Poor thing! She has a urge to "mother" baby Q, to which makes him scream baby cussing at her! She wants to feed him his sippy, (he HATES that) or load his fork, tuck him in to his toddler bed, or hug him for an ungodly amount of time, and she also wants him to let her hold him in a baby position on her lap and when he refuses(9/10 times) she loses her mind!(side note- Q devilishly smiles when she cries). She even wants to control the dog these days! Ace likes to have Tanky do his dirty work. Like for example: he sends Tank to ask for more Pop when clearly I said no more! He will send him to ask if "he, not Ace" can watch a banned show in our house(Spongebob..fyi-hate that show and NEVER say yes, but they try again and again).He tries to manipulate him to come and ask for a variety of requests because he thinks that we CAN'T say no to Tank! And honestly, sad to say, I'll admit, that he may be right some of the time! Tank is SOO strong-willed and full of tantrums that sometime one (ok ...I) can't take the dragging on crying and the amount of  time he would have to spend on the naughty step..... I decide that a few of his battles(and demands) are not something I really want to tackle. For example things that really don't matter in the long run: more ranch for carrots, more Wii playing time, dessert on a on-dessert night(yes, I know I am a meany..we only have dessert 3 times a week), staying up 30 minutes later to see some show, items at the grocery store we don't need, going to Chucky, movies etc. Ace is old enough and knows that I am weak when it comes to Tanky's requests sometimes that he is willing to send him for a chance at what he wants. However, last night Tank was on to the trick! It was a dessert night and he sent Tank to get him more! Ace was so mad that Tank said " Acey sent me to see if I could get one more brownie... but I don't want another brownie, I want a Popsicle!" Ha! I could hear Ace growl from the wall he was hiding behind! So funny! Maybe time to rethink your master plan Ace!!! I am on to you dude!
            Tank also wants control over Boomer! They are only 21 months apart and I think this is the issue! He demands that she not sing in the car, watch his shows on tv (apparently they are almost all "His"shows), sit by him....ever, look at him when he is in trouble and the list goes on and on. She likes to push his buttons and do those things to the extreme! Like almost sit on him on the couch, sing really really loudly in the car and run through his vision of the tv constantly. Oh my! He can scream! This makes him and me crazy. Mostly because this usually happens only when Ace is home! When Ace is at swim practice or CCD (church school) or a play date,  Tank and Boomer are the best of friends! They love to play "Mom and Dad" for hours! They play so nicely! It is too cute.... but can be used as a threat(by Boomer). She says "If you don't let me sing loudly then I am not gonna play Mom and Dad EVER again!" Tank use to fall for that threat, but recently  he said "Oh come on....Yes you will!" So funny! He knows she can't resist the Mommy title!
          Don't think Baby Q is not involved... he loves to "yell" at all three and the Dog when they take or threaten to take his food,toys,shoes,coat or sippy away! He is like an old man. gra3#@%@&@%*))n;orjsofi*^^jsfjs  he mumbles! Mostly at Boomer who tries to "baby" him!  Tank and Q also have it out! Q likes to hit and bite when Tank yells at him or tells him no! Q doesn't want Tank to sit on my lap! It is a regular 4 ring circus of crying, teasing, time-outs and testing of my patience! I am still alive......barely! (lol)
          On the other hand, they can be so loving and nice to each other! Ace always helps out Tank and Baby Q! Boomer loves anything Ace does and enjoys her "big sister" role especially for Q! Tanky always helps Q and Acey is his role model! (good or bad)And if you watch closely......even Tank and Boomer adore each other...ok, maybe not adore, but like each other! I may catch them being extra loving or helpful to one another, but it is really rare, especially Tank and Boomer. Those are the times my heart melts! Boy, I hope that rivalry quiets a bit.... I know they will fight, argue, annoy one another from time to time (waiting for  it  to get less and less), but I hope that they will always stay close and be the best of friends in adulthood! Do you guys have problems with sibling rivalries? I am anxious to hear all of your stories,comments  and maybe some advice on the subject!