Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boomer and the swim meet

Wow, today Boomer had a swim meet (Ace did too but got the stomach bug on the way to the meet) and did AWESOME!!!!!!! She dropped so much time. She had a 35.76 going into the meet in the 25 Fly and got a 27.54(less than 2 tenths away from qualifing in the A Championship meet). She had a 40.61 in the 25 Back and ended with a 33.88. And in the 25 free she had a 25.31 going into it and got a 22.02. WOW Boomer, you were on fire today! One more meet to qualify!! So proud of my girl! Papa and Gannie were also there to see her work it!!! :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It is a long time coming...this picture was taken in May when we put the home up originally and we have a new company we used since this picture was taken, but ...........We accepted their offer and are officially moving!!!! Not until mid March but the negotiations are over!! :) I (we) can possibly sleep again after a long, long, long tenuous 10 days!  We haven't found a home yet to move into so that is a bit stressful! However, we have planned to move into an apartment until we find one we love. It will be a new larger home for all my crazies to grow up in!!! YEAH!!!!