Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More camping and water babies

The kids love to swim while we are camping! This trip was no different! ALTHOUGH, the water temp  was 55 all four got in and had a ball!!!
                     On the way to the pool!!
                                                         First one in..... Tanky!!!
                         Q was not so sure at first!!
      Wasn't kidding!!!!
                                  " Momma, I am kinda cold......but I love it!"
                           Oh yeah it was cold!!!!   Ask Ace!
Tank- "Do I look like a grandpa now? My hands are wrinkled and I have glasses too!!!" lol!
  Tank and Boomer jumping in!
                                    Action shot! Boomer's hair is crazy!
                                          Baby Q LOVED jumping in like 100 hundred times! "again,again"
                      Some gymnastics at work!!!!
                      Ace is amazing with such skills.............. Great trip for sure, we all can't wait until the next one!!!

First Camping Trip of the year!!

First camping trip of the summer!! Ace played catch with Daddy for an hour straight and caught almost every pass!!

                                                   This barely four year old is riding without his training wheels!! He is Soooo fast!!
                                                            Tank was so happy  to be like Ace on his bike!
                                                           My princess watching little brother Tank and decided that she too will try to ride without her training wheels.....she is 5 1/2!
                                                            Q loved riding his bike too!
Boys attempting to climb our tree!

 What is she pointing to, you ask??
                                                         The loss of her training wheels!
                                             After a few tries, she was off too!!!
                                                             More climbing!
                                                   Ace was all over the park once again!!
  Why is Z so happy?? What is he talking about ??  Oh yeah........................
                                                We won the 50/50 raffle!!!!!
                                                                Riding like a pro!
                       Boomer too! Wow, three independent riders under 8!! It is going to be  a wild summer!!!!

Awesome Achievement Week

The three oldest had their gymnastic showcase last thursday and it was a super hero theme! They each got to show off what they have learned all year and each got presented a metal! They all LOVE gymnastics and can't wait to go each thursday!