Friday, December 17, 2010

My Pre-Pre-Teen

This picture was taken about 1 1/2 weeks ago and this is the last smile I have seen on his little face since then. Some bug (I like to call it the "I'm eight and don't care about rules, discipline or life bug").He is now a pre-pre teenager! It has been like talking to a brick wall with Ace recently! Last night was the worst! Ace got in trouble for refusing to clean up his mess in the playroom. This is when the spiral to disaster began. Oh, Acey! Up until recently, Ace qused to cry and get hysterical when he was in trouble. he would apologize over and over and say he would never do that again! Those days have vanished! He screamed in gibberish and then stomped upstairs and slammed his door! He then destroyed his room (mostly his bookshelf) in anger! He came back down about 20 minutes later and acted as if the devil had not just visited! What is one to do? I had a brief discussion about that and he looked up and said "so you are gonna go there?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? He rolled his eyes and then said "I guess we are".The bug is in him. The ugly, ugly attitude bug! Then, later on I asked him to use to potty before bed. One would think that would not cause a stand-off, but it did! He sat on the toilet with his PJ pants on and gave me a "DIE" look! I asked my husband to come  and deal with Mr. Ace and he agreed. I had had it! I overheard Z say "Are you gonna go or stay on there like that all night??!!??" Ace replied "Stay here like this all night!" Z left the bathroom without a response and came in to Boomer's room(where I was tucking her in) he sat on her bed and waited. He whispered (he be coming in a second, he always comes in a second or two). I read Boomy another story while obeying Z's new discipline..or whatever you wanna call it. Five minutes movement. Z went and turned off the bathroom light(with him inside). I called that step two. Ace still remained as I tucked in Tank and then another few minutes later, Q. NO MOVEMENT! Are you serious? I thought, it's  gonna go head-to head... Z saw my fury building and said he'd handle that. He walked into the bathroom(still dark) and told Ace to go to the bathroom and get in bed(with a firm tone). He  then left again. Z looked proud of himself (as he stood in the hallway and expected him to appear)and I just stood in the hallway watching. I did not hear any peeing. Once again, the bug appeared. "You can't force me to pee!" Z's smile fell. "Go to bed then" he yelled. Ace did. I gave him a speech once in his bed. He just looked away. The anger! He had won..
Z and I went to bed after watching a re-run of The Office(love it). I had forgotten that whole stand-off. I was hoping it would pass. Z woke me up at 6:45 to get the kids up and ready for school and said, "You won't believe it....Ace ruined his bed". OMG the bugger had really pulled off the revenge. More work for me...change sheets, sanitize, re-make the bed and disinfect . Not so bad one would say, but it is on the top bunk!!! I better get started.. this is going to be a LONNNGGG Christmas Break! :) 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Number 4, Baby Q

My angel boy! He is such a lover! He loves to cuddle and usually is a go-with-the-flow type. Although, his terrible two's are beginning to show! He will be two in Feb. He loves anything that has wheels and especially ALL cleaning utensils!
Q, Baby Q,Bruiser,twinkle feet,angel boy, butter cake,..he goes by so many names! Q was my preemie! He was born at 31 weeks! He was 5 lbs and 7 oz! He stayed in the NICU for 22 days (which seemed like an eternity)!He is a fighter and a super good boy! He was the best baby and was so easy to have around. Which is really good since there were three others as well!
                         He loves hats and likes to do dress-up with Boomer!
                       This boy loves to clean, loves my steam mop vacuums relentlessly!
                     He can fall asleep anywhere(except in his bed, the bugger!)
Loves Santa now and loves to try to make his big brothers and sister laugh! Like here when he insisted he try on these reindeer antleers! Can't wait to see what he will throw my way as he passes this stage!!


Tank is my first born! (and my number three as well, which is quite unique!)He is my wild child! He is so loving but on the other hand, he loves to be a bit rebelous! He has always been hard to please(even day one). He has a strong-will and knows exactly what he wants out of life and will never compromise to get it. He is a go getter, even at three and a half. Feels like we've always had him dictationg our days. However, he is a lover. No one can out do his tenderness, when he is in the mood to be! He will just say "I love you mommy" for no reason. He has begun to come into his own recently. He FINALLY and I mean finally sleeps all night in his own bed (a HUGE victory around here).He goes to preschool now and is a very good boy there(so I hear). He has begun to make his own friends and loves his "best boy, Jackson". It is so cute that he really adores him! It is called "honeybees" and he loves,loves,loves to go! (which is awesome since he has never been the kind of kid I could just drop-off before).

 He loves music and loves to be a ham! He wants to impress his big brother and sister constantly. He is always thinking of others and wants to spend as much time with Mason as he can! He can make you forget he was in trouble by singing "I love you, you love me...I am in trouble again you see... so funny! He is one amazing kid!! Always saying I love you ramdomly!
 He loves to eat! There were times early on that he was a super picky eater. Now he loves just about anything. Of course these donuts...who doesn't. He recently tried Peanut butter and really liked it! (only offered it like 300 times since he was one!!) He always refused with authority! He has also decided hamburgers, applesauce and also pickles are good too! He amazed was last week and wanted a salad also.Even more amazing is that he ate it all and LOVED it!
 His new found sport is gymnastics! he is awesome and fearless! I've know that since he was 10 months old and mounting the baby gates!(FYI-why we began calling him Tank) He is actually a natural at almost every sport he has tried! He has great aim in basketball and a amazing throw of both a football and a baseball! He loves soccer and golf too! He is going to an All-American something one day I think..who knows right? If he determined there is just about nothing he can't do....except maybe tie his shoe(which drives him CRAZZZYthat he can't yet)!
 He loves passionately and hates just as easy. We are working on his love hate relationship with Boomer! Here is a loving moment with Boomer (aka to Tank as "Zo-Zoy") Aren't they cute1 They are just 21 months apart but almost the same size! He is such a funny Lil guy and loves to be the clown around here!(takes after me too!)

My Baby Girl, Boomer

                                       My only Princess, Boomer

Oh my little girl! Boomer was actually our first child! We became her family  in May of 2006. Three days later, AceMason joined us. But, she loves to tell you that she was our first! She was only nine months old when we adopted her. She was so quiet and sweet! She loved everybody and went with the flow. She never hit those terrible two's and had such the little high voice that melted my heart! She was so adaptable!! She made us a family!

 She is such a girly girl! Loves to have her hair done and nails of course! She is a huge "GIRL POWER"advocate as well! I guess one would have to be with three brothers bugging you!!! She loves attention and wants to be a singer and a vet, maybe a mom (of all girls she hopes) and a chef. Who knows  but she definitely has determination and will never forget a thing. That works well in most instances except when I promised something in passing. Boomer will bug you to do/have/get/watch whatever it is relentlessly!!! (Her daddy says that she is my mini -me in that regard! Haha). When she is in trouble or doesn't get her way she STOMPS, hence the name 'Boomer".
 Boomer started Kindergarten this year and takes it seriously! She has only had her card flipped (for behavior control )at school once and vows to never and I mean NEVER be naughty again! She love homework and being like a big kid! She can however drive one to the edge with her crying and her attitude these days. (what happened? That once quiet high pitched voice his now replaced with whining,crying about nothing constantly, tattling and SASS!!! I just love her despite all that because she is just so darn pretty, and loveable!
Speaking of pretty...Miss Boomer loves make-up and recently got into mine and covered her face in foundation, obviously we have different shades. Will always laugh at this one for years to come! (she was so sad she didn't look like the princess she envisioned while applying in the car on the way home from gymnastics a few week back!)She leaves me smiling most of the time! She loves to please and at least I have one of those around!



My Acey..
He is now 8 and a third grader. He loves school and has straight A's! This is his first year at the new school and he really seems to love it there! He is so helpful (most of the time)and a WONDERFUL big brother! On the other hand, he  is the one you have to watch closely as he can destroy just about anything trying to figure out how it works! Pens, remotes,toys,flashlights,shoelaces...just about everything he can get his hands on. I can only hope that this is going to lead to a wonderful and successful career as a engineer! (we can dream right?). The worst part is that he can look you dead in the face and deny he did anything to it!!! He can drive you crazy with the blank face when asked what happened! He NEVER fesses up!is first
 But look at his face..he doesn't stay in trouble long!!!

Ace and his third grade teacher at this fall honors ceremony! What a proud mom I was!

What a charmer! He always ALWAYS has a huge smile!

  His new found love....READING! He loves any chapter book he can get his hands on these day
ALWAYS  the life of the party! He loves to be the center of attention and LOVES to dance! He always is singing and dancing to himself! He is FULL of life for sure!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Terrible Two' we come!

We were somewhat fortunate to escape the terrible two's with Mr. Ace since we adopted him at 3 1/2. Boomer never hit her terrible twos...however I have experienced them full blown with Tank. It was the began sometime around the age of 13 months for him and I can say that until he was about two months into being three did it FINALLY disappear! I have been mostly tantrum free for approximately 5 months and now they are back with reckless abandon!!! Q will be two in February (SIDE NOTE: CAN'T BELIEVE THAT..) and he has hit them hard! Tantrums, biting, screaming, yelling No, and just downright being impossible! What happened to my precious baby?? He won't wear boots or shoes all of a sudden and it is the dead middle of winter in Michigan, has he lost his mind. As my husband and he will say that we may need an exorcist at times as he can melt, bend, contort and just expel evilness at your feet at the mention of No, or bed, nap, dinner time, bath, diaper change. Actually, just about anything. Poor baby! The other kids are shocked as well that this came on so strong so quickly. Ace does his best to "manage"Q while I make dinner or laundry. He told me today that he thinks his allowance or DSI game time should be extended during his terrible two's since he is more work now!!! I wish I could  say that to my husband to get an extra back rub and maybe kid-free errand running...I just don't think that I could use this excuse to pull that off ! Hopefully, Baby Q lays off soon  and gives me a break form the chaos and that three will be much better than  I think 2 will be... We can hope right??

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa can work miracles!(even with my four)

Oh, I love the Christmas season! I love the Christmas lights and the music! I love the garland and the fancy bows...the cards and cookies...even the snow....but I love love love how Santa can make even my most strong-willed, determined to be naughty and difficult child behave!!! The mear mention of Santa caused a domino effect around here! Tank was refusing to get his boots on to go run errands this morning and so Boomer decided to get her's on and go potty and have her coat, gloves and hat on and stood by the door..(FYI-she usually had some reason she does need/want/like/or have time to do any of those with out a threat...) Ace decided to help Q get his coat and boots on.. and so Tank looked up at me, mid-tantrum and said "I think I am going to get up now and obey!" I was shocked that we weren't gonna go head-to-head and said "Santa would love that...ya know he's watching...right??" "Yeah, I remember now" he says. I LOVE THAT JOLLY OLD ST. NICK!!!! Finally have some outside help, best part-I didn't have to hire him..he is FREE...I don't even care if he isn't even real!!! He began working for me mid-October and I will retire him in mid-January!!!  I will again call on him next year, same time, same place! :)

Speaking of Santa, the kids received video messages from Santa this morning via e-mail. Ya'l should've seen the looks on their little faces as he spoke of to each of them by NAME!!!  He had pictures of them in his magical book and told them he is watching them. Check out this:,, It was so heart warming to watch them watch their personal message from Santa!! (shout-out to Aneke! Thanks!) I video taped each kid watching! What a memory I created! (pat on the back).

As I hear a fight beginning in the basement.....I must go and remind them that my man Santa is watching..... (giddy!)