Saturday, August 27, 2011



Stay at home moms, you know the kind of day I'm talking about. A day where I feel frumpy,grumpy and useless and jealous of all the women out there who get to leave their house on a daily basis. ( I use to be that person prior to 1 week before Tank was born).Or who interact with people who don't repeat, "Mommy. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.MMMOOOMMYYY" incessantly. Those that don't get touched with sticky gooey,dirty hands. Or who can meet friends for lunch without worrying about finding a family friendly, cheap restaurant. Or who can hit the gym, without worrying if the daycare there is open and can take all the screaming that will ensue due to you leaving them. Or who contribute to the world something more than a batch of overdone chocolate chip cookies and clean underwear. Or hell...who get to pee alone.Who have adult conversations that don't include, booger,potty talk or the Disney Channel. 

Those who have almost all DVR shows devoted to kids 9 and under. Those who have ore gallons of milk and juice than wine bottles in the fridge. This is a battle cry for those that agree that we ladies get lost in the sea of daily chaos. The constant chores and pleasing in these four rooms we habitat in most days with too many ankle bitters.
I'm tired of feeling like nothing more than someone who is around to find lost shoes, matchbox cars, sippy cups and finishing unfinished homework to get on with cooking dinner. Oh..don't get me going on meals ...the same menu items each week because you have picky kids...and husbands. Just another kid friendly meal tonight is on the top of our priority list. We are someone who has just as many cheerios in the bottom of her purse, as loose change. Someone who always smells faintly of Clorox Clean-up instead of the latest perfume. Someone who must enjoy cleaning up after others...because why else would they be so kind as to leave their HUGE messes for me? Someone who talks, yells and pleads, but nobody listens, because I must have nothing important to say...and the one who breaks up the constant fighting between kids. I am the only "Mom" around here and must say that I miss me. The me prior to the kids. The me that had nail, hair and "me" appointments frequently. Who could roam the grocery store for an idea for dinner ,free to take my time.The me that read a good book while tanning outside in the summer breeze. The me that listened to the radio instead of the whole movie audio from TANGLED playing in the backseat for the 100 millionth time. The old me would have never though that a night out  includes a lovely McDonald'a dinner complete with playlands and ice cream. The me that occasionally took a bath and didn't have 2 or more kids banging to get in and ruin it! I don't mean to just complain..I know we had these kids and must provide, nurture, educate and entertain, but sometimes I JUST DON'T WANNA.The me that got to talk on the phone without a hundred interuptions and fights. WELL, SOME SAY, YOU HAVE STILL HAVe BEDTIME..Problem is that I am too tired to enjoy "me" then, I AM dirty,cranky,frustrated and just plain done. I guess I lost that, the moment we had a kid...or 4. I'm just a housewife, after all. But I really miss the freedom to relax and not worry about grocery lists,homework, education benchmarks,potty issues, bedtime routines and the worries of the futures of my kids. I have endless messes to clean and organize, vacuuming to do but I just want to do NOTHING......

I just WANT one of these questions asked, like the the good old days! But I have this instead!!


 Tomorrow will be a better day. I just know it!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today was a big deal for my two littlest crazies!

Today Q is considered fully daytime potty trained!! I am so impressed. He is exactly 2 1/2 to the week. HE is also a preemie and so he is considered by most potty standards ahead for boys! I am so proud of him!! Prior to last week, he only had two or so accidents during the day. I knew we were getting close! It brings such happiness and relief from where we started (a 31 weeker) and not knowing how or what his limitations could be. So proud and a little sad that his baby days are pretty much over.

Secondly, Tank has been asking me for weeks to teach him a major milestone!(click here)! I taught him today at lunch and he had it by dinner. I know that I am bias but this kid is brilliant. Not even 4 and a half yet. He has so much determination and will to do just about anything he puts his mind to.

Of course our Boomer has had 2 spelling tests so far this year and has gotten 100% on each. Tomorrow I know will be the third. Ace was doing 5/6 grade word problems tonight for homework and did not need any help. My kids amaze me (and drive me crazy) each day!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Squeezing the last of Summer out!

While the big kids were in school today, I took the opportunity to take the  other two to the park/splash pad. Tank loves to be in and around water. Q isn't so sure yet and likes to run around the area and giggle!

After they played in the water, we walked to the adjacent park.

Check out the video here, My little Spiderman in action!  
They loved the park and Tank could not wait to show me his gymnastic skills he has recently learned ....of course I was amazed at his strength and determination! Here he is on the monkey bars!! You can see it too, here,Look at him go!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


        Yesterday, Boomer came home from school and began to tell me that her newest best friend, Riley, was no longer her best friend. Well, Boomer is a recent 6 year old and I have heard this tale a few times in her short little life. "Mackenzie isn't my friend because yellow is her favorite color....and it is suppose to be pink!" or "Ashley brought in a disgusting snack so we have to be friends another day", "Luke eats his goldfish dipped in applesauce, that is nassstttyyy", but yesterday it was different! She began to tell me that Riley called her "black".(MY internal alarms went off, I began to mentally prepare for this conversation,,,it was gonna be long) Boomer went on to say that she didn't like that she called her that. (side note: Both my older kids like to be referred to as brown and us peach).  So she told me that she asked Riley to not call her black and that she preferred brown. Boomer said that she continued to say it over and over again and began to use a teasing tone and made her uncomfortable. This is when Boomer told me that Riley is "peach".I began my lecture. I told her about why people tease and that it was probably that originally,  "Riley was stating a fact to Boomer.And that she didn't know that would upset you.People like to label. Label means that people assign a type of note in their minds as to what group you match, or are closest to."Boomer rolled her eyes! "Mommy what are you talking about?" she interrupted. "we are in ADVANCED 1st grade, shouldn't she know her colors by now!!!" I realized that what bugged her was ACTUALLY the incorrect color term. I had be preparing for a day like today for as long as we've had Boomer. Boomer didn't need/want a info session about color terms in relation to skin or the history behind it at all. She just wanted to know why Riley didn't know the difference between brown and black. I HAD TO LAUGH. Once again, I prepared for a long in depth spiel and she thought I was crazy.We are just super sensitive to that color stuff. (I'll  have to just continue to save the speech for another day!)

     I told her to talk to Riley if it still bugged her and to let her know that you prefer brown over black. Needless to say when I picked her up from school, She and Riley were holding hands and best friends again......oh the life of a 6 year old!! Love her!

Wanna cook?

Yesterday the mini's wanted to play "pizza place". I needed to make them lunch so we decided to play real pizza makers. Tank and Baby Q LOVED it!! They got to do the dough making, rolling, and do all the toppings themselves. If it is pizza night (Friday's) I on occasion make everyone their own. I ask them what toppings they want and then I make it. This is due to the fact that having 4 kids under 9in the kitchen and doing their own dough, sauce,cheese, and toppings(like the fab four's favorite, black olives) on their own is just a holy  MESS!! I have a problem with all that "fun". I know it's good for them, a learning moment to measure, fractions and so on. However, I just can't do it . Not all four at once!!! So when I only have two or one I do let them cook with me! It was that kind of day yesterday! So, pizzas it was!

 Tank chose lots of sauce, cheese and fresh basil from our basil plant!

 Q loves sauce too!
 Sprinking the cheese!
 He chose the veggies! Mushrooms, onions, green peppers,tomato, cheese and basil too!
 He asked to do the "parma"cheese!

 They came out great and they both ate them gone!

I just love em!