Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let the Christmas season begin!

Today we went to Z's work children's Christmas party. Each year it is at a movie theatre and we get to see the latest kids movie. This year it was Arthur's Christmas!Every year they look forward to seeing Santa there and having popcorn! (Daddy detests popcorn so we SELDOM ever get any). They enjoy getting to eat it! They had a blast!\
 Waiting in line to see Santa!

 Santa's "friends" were all around for photo opts and I took a million at Q's demand and he seldom looked at the camera for flash takes to long for his attenbion and his "cheese"!

 Then we went to Kids' Choice for dinner....Denny's of course! They love it....all 4 of them agreed too! Amazing!

What a day!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving for my new niece!

In a few days little "twinkle toes" is going to be 3 weeks old already! It has gone fast for me but I know that I only shared one sleepless night over there so I am positive my sister and Mr. K would disagree! LoL! Anyways, I went to visit over Thanksgiving and took only a few pictures, I was holding her....sorry!! She is a cute little dolly baby!!