Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a Miracle!!

                  Ok...maybe not a real miracle, not in the religious sense anyway, but a miracle for this mom of four! Just one day after posting the sibling rivalry story I have to report that I have seen a miracle in person! What is that miracle you are asking...ok .......I will just get to it! Boomer and Tank were actually playing while Ace is home and were being loving towards each other! I know, I know amazing right? Well I think so! Proof? I have a few shots to document this.....

I caught them reading together in the playroom!!!!

                    They were playing "Mom and Dad" (why Boomer is in a ballgown)
                                      Even taking turns, (oh be still my heart!!!)
                                            Is he really that close??
                                                     Best Friends (for the minute!!!)
                                    Later......what's this? She can "touch" him now???

Ok, well it didn't last too long...found that he locked her in the dog cage later!!!
But there was proof folks! AMAZING things can happen when you least expect it!!! (she still is smiling however)

Maybe a plot against me..who knows with these two!!!

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