Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, the news and weather reports are suggesting that we may have a blizzard beginning in a few hours...wind had began to howl and the snow is now blowing!!! We are predicted to get approximately 16-18 inches by mid morning tomorrow. So, everything is cancelled! Of course the kids are hoping for a snow day and Z for a work-snow-day. I am hoping the snow misses us mostly and EVERYONE goes to school.... (haha). It just ups my workload by 50-75%.However, I do remember being geeked for a snow day too each year growing up so I am just trying to be excited for them! I will update with photos throughout the evening and in the morning to document the "snow-mageddon". Hope where you are is not so snowy!!

UPDATE: Well, school AND work are cancelled and we have reports that we got about 16 inches !!! We also have the blowing snow factor that makes some spots have up to 4-5 foot drifts. Our street is completely impassable and they are not going to be plowing until tomorrow sometime. We are still expected to get 2-4 inches by noon!  Gunner had to go out this morning and it was almost impossible for him to go, he was crying and whining! Poor dog. He has to just use the flower garden under the overhang on the roof! I knew you'd like to see some pictures so far ...

                                                  8 pm: Almost white-out conditions!
                                        One of our bushes, as tall as Q usually...
                                             8 pm, what was left of our porch...                                
                                                        7 am- White out!
                               7 am- After Gunner tried to go out, huge amount!

                            Opening the patio door, this is what it looks like!

                                                     Snow up to the windows!
                                                  7 am- front door view... porch gone!

                                       7 am - can't even tell what we are look
                                               Our porch.....and a  tall flower pot holder that Ace insisted needed to be placed to document the coming snow totals, (yesterday before dinner)
                                          Ace digging out the porch!
"Helping" Daddy!
                                                   Not too excited!
                                                  Tank's legs are under the snow!!!!
                                         Even Ace's legs disappear in the snow!!
                                          Loving his snow day!!!!
                                                 We got buried!
                                    View from the garage! AMAZING aye

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