Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swim lessons!!!

             I signed Boomer and Tank up for swim lessons at the pool that Ace had swim team! They were so excited to go and show off their skills! Baby Q played in the baby pool during the lessons! As a bonus, Tank's best friend J enrolled too! All three of them get along so well! And of course Q and A are adorable together!!
                                     Q and A in the baby pool!
                                     So cute!
                                      He LOVES his goggles!!
                                      So excited!
                                   On the way to the deep end with only a noodle!
                                   He is SUPER fast for a three year old!
                                   Boomer's first attempt at backstroke!! (she kept saying "how does Acey do that        backstoke? It is hard!!" LOL!
                                    Still happy!
                                 Gettting the hang of it!!
                                             Tank jumping in the deep end with out support!
                                                    Best Buddies!
                                                               The girls!
                                      Baby Q showing off his "skills"!
So happy to have two more swimmers in the family! And so it begins......

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