Sunday, June 19, 2011


Wow....walking around the house there are tell tale signs that I we have a brood living here! Everywhere I look we are being taken over by kids AND kids stuff!!!!!! I feel like we are being smothered with it quite honestly!! And I am mostly to blame I bought most of it!! LOL!
First, I am being overtaken in SIPPY CUPS!!!!!! AHHHHH! I feel so bad that I have thrown away a few old, chewed up tops and found sippys in the backyard.  Here is a small selection that have spread over two cabinets!!

  The silverware drawer is filled with kids utensils and they love to access this ALL DAY LONG and so it is always disorderly (which drives me crazy)!!

  Fruit to last 3-4 days!!! (1-2 for the bananas)-YIKES
 There are stools in almost every there are fingerprints at EVERY LEVEL!! And I have bruises to show how often I trip on them, as they are always moved by one or another!
                     Backpacks of every size and usually 2 per kid for short trips when they are still in school and I don't feel like emptying the "school" ones......Yes Q has a few too! He gets HAND-ME-DOWNS though! We have pool bags, beach bags,swim team bags, gymnastics bags, soccer bags, lunch boxes galore, sleepover bags, camping bags, park bags and the list goes on.......
 A new table to fit the every growing crazies! (and more fingerprints to clean and polish off 3x a day times 4). However, I do have to admit that I love the smell of that furniture polish so I don't mind this job all too much! LOL!
  The fridge looks like a mosaic with various reminders, schedules, free passes, magnets, song machines, pictures and calenders.....a mess if ya ask me and the kids LOVE to do move items over and over again all DAY LONG!!!

Shoes that have taken over the stairs, the patio, the porch, the basement and their least Tank has a strange passion to keep them all lined up and matched!!

 And outside toys have made it's way inside like scooters, balls, and the infamous little tikes basketball hoop, which Q LOVES!!!!!!(and as you can see he has some talent!(Guess that we need to sport his dream of becoming a basketball player some day, right?) ;)

I have heard(from MANY) that I will miss this phase and that I will be sad that the shoes won't be so small and that the back packs will disappear and that the toys will start to vanish! I just can't see that far ahead I guess! As I think about it........I am sure I will miss that but for now...I  still dread the daily cluster of little KIDS AND all THEIR STUFF!!!!!!!!

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