Monday, September 12, 2011

My Dinosaur

Today was Tank's first day of preschool! Well, actually it is not really his 1st day, because he went to 3 yr old preschool last year. However, this is the real 4 yr old room that is in prep for kindergarten next year! He was so excited to go today! Last year he cried and screamed at drop-off for almost 2 weeks. Today was SO different he has grown up so much! He only needed one hug and one kiss. I was so proud of my little guy!
 What a big guy!

 New "big kid" back pack!
 Tank and his best friend J and his little sister A(who is starting Honeybees-3yr old room)
 Waiting to go inside!
 First Day jitters? No, just the crew being silly!
 My newest Dinosaur!
 Boomer had both of Tank's teachers when she went to preschool, they are WONDERFUL!

 Found his cubby and ready to go!
One last hug for good ole Perry the parrot!
 "Bye Mommy"
 The little boys from Honeybees are now big dinosaurs! C, J and Tank!
 These last two are sneak attack pictures because I had already said good-bye to him, this was in the hallway with a zoom shot!
Bye little man, I'll miss you!


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