Tuesday, September 6, 2011

To sink...or not to sink?

The other day the little boys asked to play in the sink. I said "no".  They asked again today..... I usually say no because it is usually such a mess. Water everywhere, clothes soaked and floors slippery. Lots and lots of messes to take care of. Today I faced it. What reason could I give today? I simply ran out of excuses. I caved.  So with two sinks filled with water and little dish soap, cups,spoons and cars, A afternoon of fun was had!

Um, wait what happened to a little sink play, Tank?

 "I decided I needed a foot bath too!"
 Nothing like a little "foot soup"!!
 And so Q needed one too, of course!
This is where I stopped taking pictures and began to try to control the flood that was beginning to take place! Q on the water flinging ATTACK...Tank not appreciating it very much!

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