Friday, November 18, 2011

Taken over

             Wow, things have been so crazy lately! Between school, homework, CCD, gymnastics,swim team, school functions,appointments, housework and yard work life has taken over my ability to blog. Hopefully things begin to quiet down and I will get some "me" time back. I feel like a driving service most days. We are always trying to beat the clock and be prepared for each activity. Sometimes I leave the house at 8:50 and don't return until 8:15 at night. I am tired, cranky and have little patience by then. I don't mean to complain and whine about how stressed out and spent I am but this does explain my absence!
             Boomer started swim team this season and Ace continues to be a great leader for this. She is too cute as one of the smallest on the team. All suited up in hot pink cap, goggles and suit! It is so precious! She is really good in freestyle and is starting to not drown in the backstroke! So funny to see her have to do "dryland" and drills!! Tank is taking swim lessons again and moved up to level 3 which is 1/2nd graders! He does really well and can swim a version of freestyle for a 25! So cute as well!! If only he would put his face in and swim it he would be great!!! Q is along for the ride and all the activities! He only protests 80% of the time so we are improving! LOL! He will begin gymnastics in January with the 3 yr old class! He can't wait!!!


And a funny one of my  favorite "band group" the Crazies!

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