Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day One-on-One memories....

Today I spent the majority of my Mother's Day dividing my time between my four kids. I took Boomer on a long bike ride this morning to breakfast and to a park to play. She was so happy and said it was her favorite day besides Disney World! I didn't take too many photos on our one-on-one as I was on a bike!

Next I took Tank on a bike ride to an elementary school to play for a while! I went down the slide, climbed the rock wall and spun around on the tire swing. Wow...I m sore now! LOL!

Then I took Q on a trip to the grocery store. he loves to ride the pony there (Sandy at Meijer) and get a free cookie from the bakery! He and I then went to get a car wash! His request...really!! Then I got him some lunch to eat on the porch while I took Ace to lunch!

(these were taken with my new birthday camera Z got me and before I learned the setting...Q looks like he is a part ghost or that he has a part of a lamp in his head!)

   Ace and I ate lunch a a mexican place..his favorite meal! We then ran a few errands and went back to pick up Tank for an outing for the 3 of us.

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