Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"House Selling Lunatic"

You might be becoming the "House Selling Lunatic" in a house full of kids when....

1. You hear fussing in the playroom. You really just care if the walls or organization were damaged instead of the commotion and who started it!

 2.You have the kids eat b-fast,lunch and dinner on the floor.porch,patio or kiddie table (picnic style) as to not have to clean and polish the staged table again!

3. You remind the kids to make their bed like "Gannie" is coming to town each morning. (My wonderful Martha Stewart type A Mother)  Love ya MOM!!

4. You panic when the kids touch the windows and mirrors and you must use the Windex like 50 times a day to remedy!!

5. The floors are cleaned daily by whomever was naughty instead of time-out and the baseboards dusted by all the kids to earn dessert!

6. You have taught your kids about fire drills, and the most important drill the "WE HAVE A SHOWING IN 30 MINUTES" drill. This is completed by a whirlwind of timed assigned chores in 15 minutes and the other 15 minutes the kids sit on the porch so I can fix what they just did!!! ;)

7.After baths and showers one must dry the walls and floor in the tub to have a book read to them at night so there are no water spots for a possible last minute showing in the morning!!

8. The fridge and pantry are off limits to kids as it would take too long to re-organize it all again!!

9. The rule of "NO TOUCHING THE DECORATIVE BOOKS,PILLOWS AND FAUX LEMONS" can be heard here a million times a day!

10. Laundry is done from sorting,washing,drying, folding and put away in under 1.5 hours as a new personal regulation one wants to see dirty underwear in their new washer right???

11. You find activities and trips to take the kids on after school and after dinner and allllllllll weekend long to keep the house clean,organized and  ready!!!!!!!
12. The Carpets have NEVER had vacuum lines for longer than 5 minutes prior to your listing and now they are crisp and last longer! (Maybe because once they roll around, wrestle and play barbies on them you have a small meltdown over it, they decide to go to the wood floor to avoid your rant)

13. You avoid playing in the driveway and front yard as you don't want potential buyers driving by and seeing on kid hit another over a ball. Or the mother firmly taking a kid to "calm" down. OK, mostly you don't want them to see you garage full of bikes and balls and toys.

14. The "House Lunatic" must ban sidewalk chalk as some boys over here make CSI crime scenes complete with chalk blood trails up and down the driveway....LOL!! Hopefully it rains soon.......

and the #15 "House Nazi" sign:

You make the kids strip down to undies and socks in the patio when returning from playing in the backyard to avoid vacuuming up sand,dirt and little sticks that they always carry in!!!!! Eventually they just swing to avoid the "strip" at dinner time!!! Poor kids.... Hopefully this sells quick....I am going crazy here!!! LOL!

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