Sunday, May 12, 2013


We are in the mist of "Crazy Town" right now!! We have field trips , Spring sing concerts, soccer (times 4), T-ball, swim team, sports pictures, Swim Commitee meetings, First Communion, Tank's and my birthday, school reports and projects and finally throw in Mother's Day ...... Welcome to "Crazy Town"!! Most day we have 2 or 3 activities plus homework. Dinners are pre-planned in the morning as a "on the go" dinner to eat in the car. I know years and years from now I will miss all the chaos and running my clan here and there each night.

 And because of all that running around, Little Man looks like this at 5 pm!!!

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  1. Aw poor pooped little dude! I'm not sure I could handle 4, most days I can barely handle one *g*