Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas markers time passing for me....

                 Well Christmas came and went too fast as it always does. The kids had a blast! We just finished up the third Christmas celebration. We have been at my mom and dad's house since Christmas day(in the afternoon). Z went back to our house on Sunday and I have been spending time here ever since, as is the tradition goes.The kids enjoy time with their Gannie and Papa! This year was great! The older three kids really get it and the excitement upon Santa arriving is AMAZING to watch.  Baby Q gets excited and is all smiles because he feeds of them. So, that made this years Christmas so heart-warming and memorable. I know that time is slipping away each day and there will come a time that none of them will believe in "The big Man in red". I dread that day. Because of that, this year I immersed myself in all the season had to offer. We watched every Christmas kids movie made(I think), made Christmas cookies, saw him several times, visited live reindeer, went on the polar express and drank hot chocolate, went sledding, made snowmen(and one snow girl), and even had Santa send them an e-mail. He called the house several time(thanks guys) and wrote him several letters. I already miss the anticipation.... but at least I enjoyed it! I hope you all had a magical Christmas and dive into the new year with reckless abandon as these precious years are so few numbered! Happy New year from my crazy family to yours! Enjoy the pictures of memory lane!!!!
                                         Gannie, Boomer and Aunt Julie  fall 2008
                        Boomer's favorite Care bear that use to come everywhere
                                  The new family with baby Q!
                             Baby Q arrived early but so verrry sweet!
                                                Boomer and  Baby Q 2009
                                                       Boomer age 2(saying Cheese)
                                     When Ace use to fit in a kitchen sink for a bath!
                                                My two boys, Tank and Ace!
                                                       Boomer 2 and Tank 5 months
                                       Freshly bathed all in the same tub! (those where the days)
                                             First professional family shot 2009
                                                           Baby Q !
                                               Boomer's personality beginning to show!
                                                               I love this one!
                                                          Ace and Papa!

                            With the addition of Lil Tank ,our new family......Ace, Boomer, Tank, Z and I ( 2007)
                                          my baby girl  Boomer (2 1/2) and Mommy 2008
                                                      Ace and Boomer 2007
                                                Aunt Julie, Ace,and Boomer 2007
                                                               Tank's first Christmas!
                                                       Boomer and Uncle "Dirt" 2007
                                            Ace's first Christmas jammies 2007
                                           Tank's first Christmas present! 2007
                                                              Ace (not at Christmas, but I love this one! No front teeth!) 2008
                                              Z, Boomer, Ace, Me and pregnant with Tank! 2006
                                                                 Boomer, Tank and Ace 2007
                  Boomer's first Christmas with us! Love the hair and the look! 2006
                              Tank and his beloved 'B", actually miss that look!!!
                                                             First Christmas pregnant with Tank 2006!
                                                                       Tank's birth!
                                                                 my munchkin Baby Q! 2009
                                       One of the last community baths :( (bOOMER thinks she's too old for that)2009
                                                       Baby  Q learning to crawl! 2009

                                                              Quiet nap time with Baby Q!
                                                                G.G.'s 90th birthday!
                                                              Baby  Q's first backyard picnic 2009
               Even though Ace looks mad, I look pained and Tank and  Baby Q aren't looking I still love it,  Boomer is starting her posing phase! Z and Gannie look so happy! 2009
                                                Baby Q sitting up for one of the first times! 2009
                                                   My Dad and I at Julie's wedding shower 2010
                Boomer learned to climb to the top of the monkey bars!!! 2010
                                                    Tank the conductor on his 3rd birthday party
                                               Baby Q riding the same car Tank got for his 1st Christmas!!!2010
             First time left with an outside babysitter and they received presents! Super Why to the rescue!!!
     My have they grown! Good bye 2010, hello 2011! I can't wait to see what the new year will bring and craziness that awaits me bit mostly, all the growing there will be!~

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