Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Trip to the Dentist!

Yesterday was Boomer and Tank's first trip to the dentist! They were so nervous the days before the visit! Boomer had just watched Finding Nemo and I had forgotten that there is a mean dentist in the movie. She kept asking "how many teeth are they gonna take out?"! Oh Boomer! I had to an appointment planned that all three big kids would go at the same time. 10:20. Not too early, not too close to lunch or too late for  Baby Q's nap! Sounded like a great idea at the time so that I wouldn't have to return three times to get them all in. So, yesterday morning I got an unexpected call from my old great friend, Julie. She asked to come along. This could not have been better! I have no idea what I would have done without her help with Q! I needed to be in all three rooms at the same time since Boomer and Tank had never gone before! This was also Ace's first time at this office. Once we got there and I was filling out paperwork(times 3) Baby Q decided to bite Tank on the finger. This caused loud crying(as expected) from Tank and Q(since I yelled at him). He melted on the floor and once again Julie swoops in for the rescue! She held Q while Tank was called back. This is when the whirlwind began. So many teeth so little time! All three where scrubbed, dyed,picked,polished,flossed and had a dose of fluoride within 40 minutes! My head was spinning after that and the prize selection began for all four(Q received one too!). The day had just began........
                                            Tank not so sure...
                                   He loved the mirror she gave him!
                      Ace was not the happiest...but who is at the dentist!
                                Not appreciating the photo opportunity!
                             After learning her teeth would not be removed! Crazy girl!!!

                                   Julie and  Baby Q! What a help!
Taking it all in!
                        What a big boy! No one had cavities or any issues!

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  1. It's normal for kids to be afraid of their dentists sometimes. Maybe they just don't like to get hurt that much or something. Like some moms, you're lucky because you have kids that enjoy going to their dentists. =)