Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Awards galore!

We are so proud to announce that Ace won a few BIG awards these last two weeks!
 First, Ace received an award at this seasons swim team banquet. He won the "Most Points, 8 and Under Boys" award! He worked so hard this season and it payed off! We were shocked and surprised but mostly beaming with pride for him!!
                                                                     His ribbon!
                                                                     Signing autographs!
                                                                   Such a happy guy that night!
Ace and one of his coaches!!

Secondly, today he was awarded the "Student of the Month" at school. His teacher called me and told me that she was awarding this to him and that she is really proud of him and really enjoys having him in her class. She went on to say that he deserved it and that he is such a good boy and so considerate of his peers.She said that that he is the reserved,silent type and so sweet and helpful among some other compliments.Once again I was surprised, not that he was given this award, but because he is so wild and full of craziness at home...I did not see this coming! I feel so proud of my oldest and the Lil man he is becoming! ONE PROUD MOMMA THIS MONTH!!!
                                                     Ace and his 3rd grade teacher! Student of the Month!!
                                                                   WAY TO GO ACEY!!!

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