Thursday, February 24, 2011


                 We have had a few playdates recently to pass the gloomy winter blahs away..always a fun time at the "Four Crazy Kids" house!! The Fab 4 have been taking turns having playdates and most of the time we have sibling sets come that are friends with two or more of our kids! Usually that means 6 kids and that are  all under 8 years old! It is a bit wild and crazy and LOUD, but so much fun (mostly for them but I am a trooper). I remember having friends over and being invited to a friends house! It brings back lots of memories with my best friend, Sara ( she still is even after 25 years). We hope to be making some life-long friends

                           Boomer and "M" enjoying a Fun Dip!
            Friends since 3 yr old preschool and now they are in Kindergarten!!
                             Tank's friend "C" and his green smile!
                                This day was 5 kids under 5!
                         "Q" and his friend "A" (so stinkin' cute together!)
                             Tank and his "best friend" "J!
                 Who needs a playdate when your big/little brother is your best friend!!

Ace has a sleepover here tomorrow night and Boomer is sleeping over at "M"s house for M's 6th birthday bash! Exciting times over here!

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