Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Q 's new bed!!!!

Well, it was time to graduate Q to a "big boy" bed now that he is 2!! So, today we all went out to the store and let Q pick out his own toddler bed!! He didn't want the plain white one or that cherry wood one that Mommy wanted. Tank and Ace tried to convince him to get the Cars one ("Lighting McQueen") bed while Boomer thought that he'd like to Disney princess one since he shares a room with her! Ultimately, Q picked out the "BUZZ" one (aka Toy Story 3). After we took apart his bed and assembled the new one he wanted to "do bath-n-ninight". He tried it out and decided that he needed to use it immediately. So even though it was only like 4:15 in the afternoon, I did give him a bath and put jammies on him. He ran into his room climbed into his new bed pulled up the covers and insisted that I turn off the light and turn his sound soother on!! I did and left his room closing the door behind me. I thought that after 10 minutes he would reconsider and toddle his way back down but after an hour I went in to check on him and this is what I found.....

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