Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day in the Life..........

 Recently, I have been asked by many as to what my days look like with four little kids! I laugh and say " I am in survival mode". Actually, I  don't know what it is like to just have one and then have another child, I started out with one and two days later we received another. Less than a year later we had a 3rd and 21 months later a fourth. So, this is my norm!! You do what you need to to remain sane and ahead of them!!Well, I said I would break it down for them, so here it is!

6:45 am- Z's alarm goes off and he gets ready for work.
7:00 am- I get up and help Ace and Boomer get dressed and make their beds, and brush their teeth!
              (this is done SUPER quietly as to not wake up Q and Tank)
7:10 am- Go down stairs to feed them breakfast and make their school lunches.
7:20 am- Clean up breakfast and re-touch Boomer's hair and make sure all homework and lunches are ready to go in the backpacks.
7:25 Hurry Boomer up and hear Q getting up.
7:30 Z drives Boomer and Ace to school on the way to work.
7:30 Feed Q and diaper change
7:40 TV Time for Q/make myself breakfast
8:00 Tank usually gets up and we make my, Q and Tanks beds! Brush teeth!
8:10 My shower(Q potty training) and breakfast for Tanky!
8:50 Leave to take Tank to Preschool (Tues/Thur)
9:00 am Drop off to Preschool
9:15-11:20 Time with Q (run errands,grocery, laundry,vacuum,games and snack)Potty train
11:30 Pick Up Tank
11:45 Lunch-potty train
12:30-1:30 Quiet time ( I blog, catch up on DVR shows, read on my Nook and they "rest" on the couch with a movie)
1:30-3:00 Chasing after,entertaining,playing, referee,take the dog on a walk with a double stroller ....NOW THAT IT IS SPRING AGAIN...and potty training craziness and sometimes a playdate as well.
3:00 Drive to pick up Ace and Boomer and have quiet time again as Q ALWAYS falls asleep on the way and Tank "reads" or watches a DVD.


3:20 Pick up Ace and Boomer and referee the three of them (Q sleeps through the whole thing everyday)
3:45 pm Home and begin Homework and dinner prep(unless it is Thurs which is Gymnastics)
4-4:45 CRAZINESS (so I usually send them to the playroom to give me a break but that never pans out....
 I have little visitors every few minutes to tattle, show me something, whine and giggle and model drawings,dress-up, show me lots of boo-boos that are mostly invisible!)
5:15 Dinner Started
5:30-5:45 Z Home and wrestling occurs with Daddy
6 Dinner (ahhh Quiet!! :)  )
6:30 Clean Up dinner (go to Swim lessons on Wednesdays with Boomer and Tank)
7:00 Family Time, (usually games or wrestling with Daddy, or TV)
7:15 Showers and Baths
8-8:15 Bed times!!
8:15-8:30 "Clean Sweep" where I clean the random left over toys and such an re-organized what they messed up :)
8:30 10:30 Z and me time!!!! Sometimes together , sometimes not(depends on what each wants to watch)
10:30-11 Bed for us
2:30 or 3 am , a nightly visitor sometimes (Guess who?? Baby Q)
 AND then it begins again!

Fridays have been sleepover or playdates and PIZZA night!!

Wow, looking at it like this I am tired!! So there ya go, those that needed to know!!

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