Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today we went shopping for Boomer's 6th birthday and for her party next week (another blog entry, how can she be so old?). I was so happy to be shopping for girlie things and themes! I have so many boys that we don't ever focus on too many girl things(to my and Boomer's dismay) as they can't be hand-me downs. Well since this is her 6th birthday she wanted to help pick out the stuff. She decided on a gymnastics party weeks ago but was on the fence about the theme. She wanted Strawberry Shortcake, Princess and the Frog, Hello Kitty,and Pinkalious and a Diva type motif. She finally decided today on a GLAMOUR GIRL theme, with Pinkalious things on the side ;)! How can I say no to that face...ok, I can...... but it's her day, a girlie party and lots of pink. A mother with 3 boys and ONLY one girl can get caught up in all the pink glittery madness! I secretly want to be 6 again. The options are so cute and plentiful.(Photos of the party will come at a later date)-sorry.

But, the best thing about this experience is that I will be able to buy lots MORE girlie things, party supplies, bathing suits and LOTS of accessories. Not to mention more fun hair to braid, and LOTS and LOTS of PINK hair bows! . I will be able to now start and save Boomers cute clothes, dresses, bathing suits and hair bows to give to "her"  new UNBORN  SISTER,     well no, it is all for her new cousin. (did I freak you out?? 5 kids are ya kidding me???) I just found out that I am going to have a niece!! I am sooooooo excited to have another girl in this sea of boys we have going on! Boomer was hoping the baby would be a girl....and she finally got the girl playmate she always wanted and ("needed"). Thank you Aunt Julie and Uncle "Dirt"!!

It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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