Monday, July 11, 2011

The storm of the summer...

We had a big thunderstorm with 70-90 mile per hour winds. We have several limbs down but luckily no damage to our home, just our fence. We lost power and had a few scary moments, but we are all fine!Our neighbors however were no so lucky!They were not home so they are OK, but their favorite huge tree is not! They had a MASSIVE oak tree fall on their patio and the roof. It knocked off their chimney and threw limbs into their pool.Ruined the roof and the patio addition.The main roads to our home are closed as their are down power lines EVERYWHERE!. A road down a lady was sleeping and a limb came into her bedroom. The damages in our neighborhood are great!! We were  no power from 11 am until 11 was Hot and miserable with all 4 home and whining!We have lots and lots and lots of broken limbs that are still stuck in the tree and will take some effort to get out.We have been put on many waiting lists for tree service. Everyone needs them! However, that is nothing in comparison to some who have to replace roofs and walls and cars! We were so fortunate, really!

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