Monday, August 29, 2011

A tale of a Mommy Fail!

Who knows where I would be without the magical qualities of this highly addictive liquid. I HAVE to have one (or two) a day. It keeps the insanity that my crazies try to throw my way each day. I rely on the immediate effect it has on my soul, mind and mental health. Folks, I admit it, I am addicted to....


It is essential that I have one with lunch! I have come to realize that I fail my kids when I don't have one. Preferably a fountain one. The superhero abilities it has on me is amazing. I can drown out the fighting, whining, kids shows,and most crying.(OK, within reason, if they are hurt for sure I can hear it, and I help)However, I savor this stuff. I enjoy it till the last sweet drop. I know it is bad to have it so much, I know all the hype about the sweetener they use ..yada yada! I STILL LOVE IT!

Well, last night I must not have noticed that I SAVORED THE LAST ONE. Therefore, we were out! BIG Mommy Fail!! I cannot properly do my job with my magic elixir! I'm a bad mom when I don't have one, I am irritable, annoyed,lethargic and unmotivated.Devastation hit when the whining and crying due to my over tired and no longer napping children began to show. I almost lost my mind. I thought of every justification to go out and get a 24 pack. But, I decided to have will power. Could I do it without my magical elixir?

The answer is barely. I did manage to survive the mayhem and chaos of all four through dinner and bath time. But now, I am NEEDING it again. Will Power, strictly will power is the only reason I don't have one in my little paw.I will be going to get some tomorrow.I know I can make it. When did this dependence begin you may ask? Between June 14th and August 3rd. (the kids summer vacation)LOL How else could I handle this??

Even worse Mommy Fail is that my 2 year old Baby Q has a addiction too. He will say things like "I need my magic juice" when he is tired, frustrated, or bored. Yep, he loves his Orange Juice!! I have failed....I gave him a dependency! Oh man........

What do you need to get through the day with your kids? Pop, a laptop, or IPOD, maybe a few M&M's, a run, maybe a nap? Am I the only one who must enlist outside help to survive a day as a SAHM? Has any of that rubbed off out your wee ones?

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  1. You have an amazing family! How blessed you are.

    My husband also LOVES diet coke. Preferably fountains ones too. And he is not happy when he runs out. LOL!

    I am a new follower from the ABC and 123 Show and Tell. If you have a chance, stop by and say hi.