Monday, August 29, 2011

My girl and I

Yesterday was Boomer and my one-on-one! I let her pick lunch out. Guess what she picked???
KFC!!!!!!!! This girl loves chicken and coleslaw!!
Then we went to get our nails done together! Daddy and the boys stayed home and rode bikes.
Waiting for her turn!
I went first since mine was going to take longer!!
Next up was Boomer, she chose Purple with gold tint polish. She loved it! She even got a flower design on her big toes! It was so cute!!
She loved this part, something about blue lights and the little fans did it for her!! She so cute, I admit it!
The final product, Boomer needs a little lotion after the nail lady sprayed her nails(and legs)with rubbing alcohol to clean her nails).
 We had a great one-on-one and hope to do it again really soon!! I am so glad I have a girlie girl to pamper!!

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