Monday, August 8, 2011


As tradition goes, the kids and Z "play"hi-ya"  each night while I clean up from dinner.EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!  Usually, I only hear the sound effects from this activity over my running water from the sink. I've never  taken part in this manly act, it always sounded too rough for me and knew I probably wouldn't allow  the rough-housing I would've seen. (deep down I knew they loved it and know that they look forward to after dinner for this sole reason each night). They always tried to get me involved but I always say "NOPE, it is Daddy's time, Mommy has to clean-up" Today, we used paper plates and had subs so there was hardly any clean-up. Therefore, I earned a front row ticket to watch this much anticipated event. It was just as I imagined it would be, rough and loud!!! It is Crazy!!!!!!

Now i know why they love it, a chance to beat up on each other, but also on Daddy!! LOL!!!

For Some reason, it downloaded twice!!

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