Sunday, August 7, 2011


           Well today was a unusual Sunday. By that I mean that Z actually asked if I wanted him to take the kids for awhile and give me a break! Well, I would be outta my mind to say no..right?? So of course I said "absolutely"! I got the kids all dressed in their swimsuits and sunscreen and towels were packed for an afternoon at the local splash pad. All the while planning my alone time in my head . I would paint my nails, catch up on some DVRed shows I have had to give up since summer started and I lost any time to do so. I thought about reading on my nook and getting a iced coffee, maybe a face mask if I had time even a short nap after all that ohhh, the thought... the list went on and on.

           After I buckled and waved goodbye I came inside and heard....QUIET!  It was so magical. No fighting, crying, whining, singing or whistling(Ace's new pastime). I sat and thought of what I should do for these 3 hours once again. I began to feel overwhelmed. As I looked around from  the couch, I saw a cluttered living room, a kitchen table that needed to polished. I saw that remnants of  Boomer's attempt to brush Gunner's fur. There was dog hair on the couch and rug. I remembered that the clothes needed to be switched into the dryer and so on and so on. Bummer. So instead of a nice relaxing 3 hours I would've had, I chose to do.......CHORES!All of them I could think of. Loaded the dishwasher, did 2 loads of laundry, reorganized the uniforms(WHICH INCLUDED buying two new storage shelves) vacuumed, dusted, mopped, and a trip to the market for produce for the week!! LOL!! Additionally, I made some matches in lost sock pile. I even polished the stove and the microwave.Terrible isn't it?? I do feel accomplished though.... instead of relaxed, which is better?? Gosh that is a real toss-up! Either way the time flew!! On the other hand, I did get to do all of those alone without my flock following! And I did treat my self with a fountain pop....funny but true. One of my favorite treats is a good 'ole fountain pop from McDonald's!

Finally Z got back with the fab 4 and boy were they hyper!! I was told I missed Boomer 's best line yet!! Here is the back story.....Boomer and Tank like to play house, or as they call it "Mom and Dad". They both love it but Tank especially asks her to play. She likes to use this to her advantage often times. For example, she will say something like "if you don't let me have your candy then, no mom and dad for a week"/ Well she says ultimatum's all all all the time which get annoying even for Z and I. However, today while at the splash pad Boomer said to Tank "I will only play Mom and Dad with you in case of an Emergency!!!" What a threat!!!LOL!! How is playing an emergency??? Kinda sad I missed that!! :) But like that I got to clean without any "help" or so called "help"

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