Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Well, it is official, summer is over! School started today for our two "big" kids! Ace started 4th grade and Boomer started 1st! They were both really excited about school starting back after the "Meet the Teacher" night! I had to post pictures, they are just so darn cute!! (we were in a hurry so it came out a bit blurry) .

My 1st grader! Miss Independent. She was so excited and a bit nervous but left with a big smile.She is in an advanced 1st grade and this she was worried she would have a hard time keeping up. However, she did great and is as cute as can be. She is into a headband phase now but will still let me put bows in her hair. She loves to wear skirts, dresses and knee highs. That's a great thing because she wears a uniform everyday.She loves to accessorize and this picture shows that. How many silly bands is that Boomer? I miss her giggles and sassyness already!

Last minute Ace decided on the red shirt, so we did not have time to take a alone picture of him... think he may have planned that too! I can't believe that he is in 4th grade. Seems too old! He is one of the youngest kids in his class, but is doing well! He really likes his classroom and sits in the front. He let go of my hand as i walked him to his line and I could see that he really didn't need me. It was  a sad moment for me. I knew it was coming but I dreaded that day he wouldn't "need" me to walk him to his line of the first day of school. So it is needless to say that there was no kiss goodbye either. I remained calm and waved goodbye from the curb as little man walked off with confidence.

Tank will start on September 12th. He will go three times a week to preschool  (in the 4 year old room aka,Dinosaurs). I am already sad for that day as well. It is one step closer to kindergarten and having to let go of my baby.

 I will cry that day as well. Here is to a GREAT year!! I am not ready for next year either, My Tanky will go to kindergarten and Baby Q will go to 3 yr old preschool (Honeybees). I am going to enjoy my time I have left!

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