Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting My House Back part 2

Today I conquered the playhouse and swing set!!!!!! Alot of work was done to make it nice again! I painted the swing set a nice shiny black! I then added a fun name on the front of the playhouse! The twisty slide got a scrub and a new fresh color on the door of it!!!!! Later we raked and pulled weeds as a family and then enjoyed some Popsicles! I could totally  get use to this unusually warm March!!!
The before!
 Painting the new sign!

 How fun!
 1st coat of black paint on the swing set and there is Tank by the slide scrubbing the playhouse and slide!
 Almost done!
Done!! Gotta get that ladder!! Ha!

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  1. you have been one busy lady!!! I love the sign on the playhouse though! super cute!!!