Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting my house back....

For years and years I have felt defeated in this home. We are stuffed to the brim here and need to now look at moving to a bigger house. However, we knew that this would require some improvements to this house before we could put it on the market. Not the kind of improvements that you're much worse! I needed to clean out closets, the pantry,the fridge (OK, but it just needed it too)the patio, the playroom, the cabinets ,garage and the DREADED basement storage area!
 The new kids snack bin in my pantry so they don't go digging all over and mess up my nicely organized shelves. This is the ONLY place in the pantry they can get a snack now!!!!!!
 The new school lunch add-ins containers for a making lunches in record time! Also serves as a snack bin for the kiddos too!
 A week later and it is still being used well!!!!
The garage now.....believe me this is A VAST improvement to the before!!!!!

I did not take before pictures ....well.....because it was terrible.(hoarders edition) I had too many kids in such a short amount of time and was too busy. OK, and I'll admit too lazy to take the time it was gonna need to do it right!!! That day has come and I was motivated to get the crud out and get my house back! So yesterday, my mom and sister volunteered to come and help me while Z took number 1 and 4 to his basketball game and then to lunch followed by the park afterwards. My friend too my two middles and we got to work. In just the basement alone, we made 4 car loads of trash(old clothes, shoes,papers,toys,pillows,broken tools, old stuff) to the dump!! Ahhhhhhh boy does it look nice around here! Still have not enough bedrooms but wow, this is a nice house after all!! I still have to do the boys' closet and a few more organizational touches in the basement. It brought a whole new meaning to the phrase "Spring cleaning"!!!!!!!!!!!
 Storage room and overflow storage!!!!!
 New organization!
 Nicely organized

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