Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Oh boy.. I am stressed out! No two ways of thinking! When I was thinking about moving(it was last April), I had fantasies about nicely boxing our lives up and just seamlessly moving into a new beautiful home while the warm sun glowed on the kids as they rode their bikes in the driveway. Well, welcome to reality. We are now closing this Valentines day(2 days folks, they moved it up a week) and probably moving into a small apartment for 6 people and a large dog for some time.This is do to lack of homes we love and not wanting to offer anything until we sold this....... Nowhere near seamless or warm and sunny as  I imagined.I am not trying to sound ungrateful because, I know that we GET to move  and GET to upgrade, but OMG........I am hanging by a thread!!!!!

In addition to Little Man's birthday and two parties, two separate swim Championships that take over two weekends, Valentines for all 4 kids to give to a total of 93 classmates which include parties for 4 classrooms, a MASSIVE assignment JUST given to Ace that involves a massive amount of time, commitment and research, and makes up ONLY his whole semester grade......all due at or around his move. This is not to mention pack, pack, pack, pack and pack. In addition to get them to all their practices, school,add two dentist appointments and current extra-curricular sign ups......throw a couple of snags in the actual selling process of agents,inspections,negotiations and deadlines.....add a few school snow days to help make me sane.................oh................. I CAN NOT SEE CLEARLY......I think I am officially stressed out! And what do I do to remedy?? Join a diet group with a jackpot award!!!! Holy hell.........Stressed and hungry!

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  1. *hugs*

    DietBet? Just joined. Am a week into my first game.

    Just keep venting and we'll keep sending the love!

    Moving is so super stressful. We bought our house in May and the first words out of my mouth as we handed in the keys to our apartment were "We are not moving for at least 5 years". lol

    Take care of yourself!!!