Thursday, February 7, 2013


I was watching tv the other  night and this commercial came on.  I know this will sound dramatic (I know I do have a flare for the drama as my Mom says) . The commerical stars the Dad who tells his daughter"YOU ARE ADOPTED" in an  supposedly humorous attempt to distract her from the  game she was playing. Somehow we are suppose to think that it is funny?   It's like Christmas advertisements poking fun of the gift of fruit cake or the Father's day gift of another stupid tie.   It's just annoying, old,  and always over used! I don't think it is funny  in the first place.  How many sitcoms have you seen that have the child in the family freaking out because he thinks he may be adopted?  Hurtful and overall  not funny. Painful more like it!

I then tried to find  this commercial on You Tube or goggle. But, I put "you're adopted" in the search box.  I was horrified at what I did find. And sad all linds of sad that my kids will someday understand life and it's cruel ways. If you want an example, goggle it. I don't want to put a link on here and  get them " hits". 

Because of my family and gift we have of  adoption, I am not objective no not at all!!.  This type of sick humor  is so hurtful to me and honestly very,very offensive.  I hope that it is just as offensive to those outside of the adoption families as well! Sick people ,just sick!!!

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  1. I have not seen the commercial, thankfully. I would be livid. I was adopted. When my adoptive mom wanted to spite me, she would remind me that I was not her kid. It hurt, but truth be known, I'm glad I am not blood related to a horrible person like her. Adopted kids are great (as are most of the adoptive parents)!!!