Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eating out with kids... never that fun!

Well, today was much better! I have to say evenings around here are hectic! There is homework times two and  dinner and then a variety of sports activities to part take in. Mon-Tues-Thurs-Friday Ace has swim team practice for an hour and 1/2.  On the day we don't have swimming (Wednesdays) Boomer and Tank have gymnastics for 1 hour and Ace has faith formation  for an hour. Usually we eat out that night in-between activities. Last night we had Tank's preschool Christmas singing program.That threw a wrench in the routine which caused some meltdowns do to the change!!! Tonight we had to squeeze in a dinner fundraiser for Ace's swim team.  Dinner out with four under 8 is wild anyways. When their are other swim team families and coaches involved  you can bet that your three year old will have a massive tantrum . That is exactly what happened, he had a fit about where we are sitting and what he was and was not going to eat.....needless to say it was not one of his better moments, or mine! Even the "look" did anything to calm him down. Once again another trip to the bathroom to do a time-out! I have almost visited all the bathrooms in the Greater Grand Rapids area at one time or another with one or all of my kids! I may not be able to tell you what is great on the menu but I can sure tell you if the bathroom facilities are nice or not!!!! :) Eventually, he pulled himself together and announced that  he was "able to face his dinner" but he was just gonna smell it!"  He made me promise not to call Santa and report his time-out and I was just desperate to get out of the bathroom so I agreed! With a little smirk on his devilish face we returned to the team dinner! It ended up fine because he decided that his corn dog smelled yummy and ate his whole meal without another peep! Such  drama.....need to pick up Ace now!! Bed for all is in my sights!!!

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